LUTHERAN HYMNAL FOR CHURCH AND HOME Reclaiming the reformation for all generations

The Lutheran Hymnal

Churches of today have their own song book wherein they use it during worship services to sing praise. Singing songs commonly known as gospel or Christian songs make a worship service more gracious. Usually, there are choir being conducted in a church. What about in the Lutheran Church? It is the same. This church also have its own hymnal known as The Lutheran Hymnal. It is an official hymnal of the church that was published since 1941. The official language used when it was published is English.

The said hymnal was actually a common hymnal in all Lutheran churches. The number of its chorales and hymns including chants and carols are surprisingly many. In fact, it is 668 all in all. The Lutheran Hymnal became very popular since quite a long time ago up to this very day. Whether you believe it or not, the Lutheran Church has other denominations. Some tried to produce another hymn book which is the Lutheran Book of Worship. However, many members didn’t agree in its production.

Still, the said book was successfully published in 1978. There had been many attempts to replace the original hymnal book. There were also revisions that were made.  Some were not satisfied with the revisions and as a result, they continue to use the Lutheran Hymnal. In 2006, a new hymnal was published having the title Lutheran Service Book. The Lutheran Hymnal was actually known as the “red hymnal”. In the history of the said hymnal, some were confused due to the cover versions of it.